How Women Over 40 Can Find Love With Their Ideal Partner - Without Falling For The Wrong Guy!

And the FAST, easy way to stay aware from Untrustworthy or Unavailable men without having to triple your dates, sell your soul or lower your standards.

August 18th 2022
At 6:00PM Australia/Sydney (+11:00)

Introducing Your Presenter:

Elly Johnson

"I love working with women who are serious about success and happiness in lfe and finding a high-quality man to love. After working with many clients just like you, I know that you are struggling, frustrated and sometimes feeling like you've failed when it comes to relationships.

Together, on this one of a kind training we will work together in finally solving this and give you a new way forward to ensure you will find, attract and keep a higher-calibre man who really sees you, and wants what you want. I also specialise in helping women spot lies and get the truth, so you can date smart and date safe and get real results...faster.

I cannot wait to see you on the training and showing you this system to ensure you find your forever guy, sooner” ️

Your Training Starts In...

In This 60 Minute 'No Cost' Online Training You Will Discover...

    • The simple, yet effective HEART Code™ that helps you break through obstacles and have more dating success in less than 3 weeks without having to waste previous time with men who are not aligned with you and don't want what you want.
    • Why just relying on dating apps can slow your success and a faster and easier way to start finding and attracting your ideal man to love
    • Do you struggle with finding and attracting the right man for you? Would you love to know how to spot liars and get the truth? Forget about spending more months or years alone or getting involved with men who mislead you, make empty promises or suddenly ghost you.  Instead you’re about to see overlooked secrets and superpowers which DO make it easy to sift through the time wasters and discover how to uncover the truth so you can find your soulmate sooner.
    • The breakthrough strategy that is perfect if you have already tried many different ways to find a genuine, available and honest man to love but keep falling short of the partner you deserve and desire.
    • And that’s only just the beginning....